European Aid Workers Warn Winter Could Bring ‘Tragedy at Any Moment’


A young Afghan man passing through the Greek border town of Eidomeni waits his turn to cross into Macedonia.

As soon as you reach the Greek border village of Eidomeni, it’s obvious that the number of migrants moving through overwhelmingly outnumbers the locals.

This is a tiny town that just 150 rural Greeks call home, but visit the town now and you’ll witness a never-ending flow of migrants on the move. Most carry only one bag of belongings strapped to their backs. Their entire lives have been reduced down to a single piece of luggage, though it’s clear they bring with them heavy emotional baggage from witnessing war.

Continue reading the full story I did for Al Arabiya here.

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Kevin Ozebek is a freelance journalist based in Athens, Greece. Previously he has reported from Turkey for TIME, FOX News, Canada's CBC News and Ireland's RTE News.


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